Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Miniature Anarchy Circus™

A post over at my sister Ood's blog a while ago reminded me that I never really write about our kids. I'm not sure why, since there are three of them, and they don't really fade into the background very well. In fact, unless they are sleeping, they never stop, and you can always hear them, very clearly. If they are in the same room as you, you can be assured that things will be broken, shrieking will be heard, and injuries will be sustained. Anything that is done or in order will be undone. Children are only comfortable when there is nothing left in the room to be dragged onto the floor, pushed over, knocked off a table, or destroyed. Picture frame on a table? Floor. Cup full of water? Floor. Toys actually in the toybox? Scattered randomly (yet somehow almost equidistant, so as to cover more square footage) on the floor.

This is why our children are now known as the Miniature Anarchy Circus™. Not that they are so different from other children, but they are indeed a circus, who subscribe to no political system or belief, except anarchy. They are all little (yet not as little as some other kids), and unbelieveably cute. I love the Miniature Anarchy Circus™.

Those are all the domain variations of that HAVEN'T been updated yet.

Check it out—all new work (OK, 98% new work), all new reel, new look (still blue though), same great-tasting usability, fresh links, and crisp shredded pixels. Let me know what you think.


I'm a t0tal n00b

I don't know how to blog, evidently. It is impossible for me to make regular submissions to this or any other web page, at least more "regular" than every few weeks. For a while there I was on fire, but then, phhhhhllllpt. I think it has something to do with having 47 jobs. I'm trying to cut back, but until I can have 50% fewer jobs, I can't tell you to expect regular blog updates. But if you do choose to come by every few days or weeks to check for new content, be sure to comment! It's like proof that someone actually reads this, and it's not just my journal that happens to be on Blogger/Blogspot.

Who came up with the word "Blog" anyway? Is it too hard to say "web log?" It's just the one extra syllable, "we-". We are SO lazy these days.

N00b out,